Just when we thought it was over. A week left of “official” school for the soon to be graduates and we thought it was over. We thought life would be room, quad and series, series, series. We thought we were done reflecting, but all the next few weeks will be about is reflecting.

Reflecting is a huge part of ALA. It started on our applications to ALA with a prompt that said to write about what we see ourselves doing for the continent in the next 20 years. It went on to orientation when we were told to reflect on our pasts, futures, passions and aspirations, and we’ve been reflecting since.

This week, the African Studies department wants us to reflect on what we have learnt about Africa over the past few years, the English department wants us to write about things that matter to us, and the Entrepreneurial Leadership department wants us to reflect on our leadership journeys and our growth (assuming that we have all grown). The point is, ALA is hitting us full force with this reflection thing and it is probably important that we do it even though many of us would much rather hang out, chill and spend these last few weeks together actually getting to know each other, planning how to keep in touch over summer and in college, we need to explore ourselves.

We need to take that journey within ourselves until we are sick of ourselves we need to know ourselves better the average Joe we tend to listen to, just because the majority does. We need to know what we are about. It may sound silly, but ask yourself a few questions and answer them honestly. If you can answer each question without any doubt or hesitation, then you’re probably way ahead of most of us, but if you can’t… explore yourself.

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