The Family Tree at ALA

The academic year is about to end and second years are to reflect on their ALA journey and the people to appreciate for a wonderful time at ALA. It is not an obligation for most of the people who work at ALA to take care of the students, but trust be when I say all of them do. The support ranges from financial management advice to how to put a fitted sheet. I have taken the time to analyse a few of the support structures we have in place at ALA. Take note that the comparison is based on personal opinion, it might not be the same for everyone.
• Advisory Family (Mother) & Student-teacher Relationship (Father)
– Responsible for making sure that you have a fruitful journey at ALA. You can consider them as all-rounders. Once assigned to you, they are kind of obligated to take care of you as long as they. You can approach them with any issues or concerns you have.

• Residential Assistant (Brother) & Hall Mistress (Sister)
– You live with them every day. You don’t choose who they are or the relationship you have with them. They know how you look when you wake up and the first to notice when you are not having a good day. Your relationship with them is dependent on how close you are to each other. You might not get alone with them but you have to adapt because you have the rest of your ALA journey to share with them.

• Wellness Department (Grandparents)
– The wisdom bearers in your life. They can advise you based on past experiences or training. They are there for you in sickness and in health. They only help when asked to. Care too much about your well-being and happiness at ALA. The story tellers in your life, a lot of the stories relate to the situations you find yourself in.

• College Counsellor (Uncle) & Year Head (Aunt)
– You rarely go visit this people. Only at a specific time of your life, usually when obligated to do so. However if you are ‘family oriented’ (meaning academically focused), you get to see them more often than anyone else. They have a specific role in your life and you have limited time with each of them.

• PC (Peer Counsellor) Family (Cousin)
– The family you meet under terms and conditions. You usually do not have time to see them unless they are related to you in more than one way. They try make time for fun staff and bonding activities. There is a high rate of awkward moments mostly because you don’t spend enough time together. You never see the importance of their role in your life until the day when you are stranded.

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