Breaking news: It is cold outside.

So maybe it’s not really a shock to anyone anymore but it is kinda sorta very cold these days. We’ve known for a while that South Africa gets a bit chilly at random times all year round. Who can forget the deadly “cold front” of October 2013? You know that time when it was just randomly freezing all weekend, and many first years were wondering what led them to leave the solace of their tropical countries. Back then, we kept on being told “You think this is cold? Wait for May/June!” and everyone shuddered at the prospect of anything colder than it was. Well, now we have landed upon May, and it may in fact be said that it has been pretty darn freezing lately. And of course with this weather comes new struggles. Every morning I say to my bed “I really can’t stay” and my bed says to me “But baby it’s cold outside” (look up the song ‘baby it’s cold outside.’ It’s only slightly creepy). But yes, leaving the bed has become a battle against more than just fatigue but against the nice cold air waiting to give you a big hug once you step out of your room. But hey, cold can be fun, right? Right?

Yes! Enjoy the changes the coming of winter brings to ALA. For example, how often before did you get to see loads of students just standing in the middle of the quad like migratory penguins? Now, you get to see it whenever the sun graces us with its presence. The weather right now really makes us appreciate warmth, so instead of focusing on how bad the cold feels, focus on how good it feels when you finally get yourself warmed up. There are also loads of possibilities for fun. Pretend to be a dragon when it’s so cold that you’re breathing steam. Pull your arms into your sweater and slap your friends around with the loose sleeves. Give more hugs; just make sure they’re nice and suitable for the friend zone. Write cool messages on the frost on your windows in the morning. Jump in the leaves piled up around trees. Make lots and lots of noodles. The list could probably go on for a while. So go, make the cold cool.

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