Mean Girls and ALA

10 years ago from the 30th of April this year, the amazing movie that is Mean Girls was released. The movie is about a home schooled girl called Cady played by Lindsay Lohan, who moves from Africa (note I generalise to say Africa because the country was not specified in the movie #Imposed-generalisation) to attend a public high school in the United States. She quickly befriends two best friends, Damien and Janis, who have a grudge against the meanest girl in school- the infamous Regina George. Cady on the other hand, also befriends the “mean girls”- Regina (the extremely mean one), Gretchen (the one who knows everyone’s business) and Karen (the hilariously dumb one). However Cady plots revenge with Janis against Regina when Regina kisses Cady’s crush, Aaron, and all hell breaks loose in the process of trying to destroy Regina George. In the end (if you haven’t watched the movie and you want to, skip to the next paragraph-SPOILER ALERT), Regina gets hit by a bus, Cady apologises for “her” mean deeds, Cady gets the man of her dreams (Aaron) and everyone becomes friends.


The movie, despite its stereotypes about Africa e.g. seemingly being referred to as a country rather than a continent, has its fans on the ALA campus who like the movie for many reasons. Some of the movie’s fans on the ALA campus say the following about the movie: “it was my high school experience,” “it shows funny yet mean instances that also happened in our previous schools, like when you say you like an item of clothing but really hate it,” “it’s funny!” “I like seeing other people be hilariously mean,” “it’s teenager-like,” “it’s fun and amazing!”
To commemorate the movie’s 10th year anniversary, ALA students celebrated the day through various activities.
First of all (introduction), PINK is the colour of the day. ALA students that love the movie wore pink clothes or accessories. The idea behind wearing pink came from the scene in the movie where the mean girls tell Cady (Lindsay Lohan) their dress code and Karen (the dumb one) says, “On Wednesdays we wear pink.”

mean girls on wednesdays pink
Online quizzes such as “which Mean Girls character are you?” were taken and also, BuzzFeed provided 17 unknown yet interesting facts about the movie. Who knew that Lindsay Lohan was originally meant to play Regina George?!

Gretchen Wienersaaron samuels
That’s it for ALA news on the 10th anniversary of the legendary movie Mean Girls. Watch out for any ALA celebrations of other great movies.

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