The Crazies

Most people would think their bosses would rather spend Friday nights working rather than partying all night-well that isn’t always the case. Some bosses turn up on a weekly basis and so do Africa’s future leaders.
With the year coming to a close, it is a time for second years to enjoy their remaining days and reminisce about the happy, sad, relaxed, stressed and above all CRAZY times.
To help second years reminisce the crazy times they had with their friends, ALAians Media through this article presents a quiz where our dear readers get to guess which African leader let their hair down with a group of friends by doing something “cray-cray” as Big Sean would say. Have fun guessing who did what.

To start off, the WHOs…
Adaeze Adigwe: Adaeze is a second year student from Nigeria, who is passionate about engineering and intends to study engineering in university. Her dreams for Africa range from an improvement in education (particularly sciences and technology), to improving infrastructure in Africa’s growing cities, to empowering women in sports.

Faty Daif: Faty is to study Finances and International relations as well as Spanish at Yale-NUS Singapore. She hopes to see a united Africa where Morocco, her country, is part of the AU and Africans believe in the continent enough to stay in Africa.

Adil Nyambasha: Adil is a second year student from Zimbabwe and he is interested in studying aviation in the US. He envisions an Africa that embodies traits of equality and environmental friendliness.

Olga Kangyasi. Olga is from Uganda and she looks to study International Relations and Journalism in college. She wants to start the first African media powerhouse of her time with the hopes of combating stereotypes of the continent through the use of radio, television, websites, etc.

And now time for the DID WHATs,
Mystery African leader #1 was in Cape Town with a group of friends and watched one of their friends being chased by a homeless man, with the assurance that their friend could out run the homeless man. Good laughs.

Mystery African leader #2 along with their friends had a piggy back race on the quad after being spray painted all over their bodies. At a much later time (after dinner), this person along with their friends rolled down the hilly parts of the quad on the wet grass in the cold weather just for fun.

Mystery African leader #3 auditioned for ALApella with a friend on their birthday as a joke but ended up getting in! And when in Cape Town, mystery leader #3 along with some friends took a one hour train ride just to see penguins.

Mystery African leader #4 along with their friends had tests in Maths and Biology in the coming week but decided to play games and watch movies, ALL NIGHT. Talk about “we be all night.”

Have fun trying to figure out who in the ALA community did what!

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