As SEPs Get Competition

Last week, the EL department announced plans to issue temporary trading licenses to people who wish to start some sort of ventures on campus. In an email sent to students, it is asserted that the licenses are being issued to challenge SEPs and improve the “dearth of innovation” the enterprises might suffer from.

The argument for competition has been brought up many times by ALA students. Some people argue that competition is needed to make the SEP program more realistic and life like. Others argue that, SEPs like Duka Bora need competition to make them serve us more eagerly. Some days, Duka Bora would be out of stock of certain products and we the customers would be left to suffer. Or the people on duty would not open the store up for service while people would be waiting at their counter, hoping for a saviour.

Aroma Emporium also left us out in the cold as their doors were shut to us for long periods of time. When we needed soap bars or washing powder we would have to take long dreadful walks under the sun to Spar. They sold really cool Senegalese pants at some point, but they were too expensive for many.

Footprints is also not left out from this as it sells ALA memorabilia, which in many cases are too expensive for students to buy. With G-jackets (Varsity jackets) at R350, it would be difficult for very many students to buy it.

Since the EL department had taken the bold decision to open up the market for competition and creativity, we are hoping some awesome ideas will pop up! If Duka Bora got competition, I might not have to wait until dinner and night snack to get my favourite drink and biscuit (TOPPERS!). Meanwhile, competition for Footprints could mean cheaper ALA merchandise for students in general. I really can’t wait!

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