6 Disgusting Ingredients Found In Food

If you have a photographic memory and you love food. I advise you to stop reading this story and continue watching whatever TV show you were in the middle of, or continue studying for your exams. Today, we will be going under the covers, getting up close and personal to learn what ingredients go into food. The sad part of it is that you might love some of this food. In case I ruin anyone’s choice of food to eat, I apologize.

1)      Carmine

carmine 2

  1. What it is: Ground up red beetles

carmine 1

Have you ever eaten anything pink or red? Then you’ve eaten the carmine-filled abdomen of a bug that was killed by immersion in hot water, or exposure to heat, and then dried and ground up to make things look cherry and strawberry.


2)     Castoreum

castoreum 2

  1. What it really is:  Anal glad secretions and urine from a beaver

castoreum 1

This ingredient is commonly found in vanilla ice cream and raspberry flavoured foods. I guess vanilla does sound more appealing than beaver anal juice. Glad I’ve always been a chocolate lover.

3)     Lanolin

lanolin 1

  1. What it really is: An oily secretion found in sheep’s wool

lanolin 2

Lanolin is commonly used to soften chewing gum. Chew on that for a while! And then laugh to yourself every time you see someone obnoxiously smacking away on some Bubble Gum. Look at their faces as they savour sheep secretions. Yummy, juicy sheep secretions.

4)     L-Cyestine

l-cyesteine 1

  1. What it really is: An amino acid made from human hair or duck feathers

Do you like mass-produced bread products? Who doesn’t? You’re basically eating hair and feathers. Well not really…but still!  It’s in there! Maybe I’ll jump on the gluten-free bandwagon after all. Is there gluten-free pizza that taste as good as the real thing? *crickets*


5)     Rennet

rennet 1

  1. What it really is: Calf stomach

Enzymes produced from calf stomach are used to make cheese. Why it is that rennet is gross but eating dairy that came from a cows isn’t? I guess it’s just one of life’s little mysteries.

6)     Gelatin

gelatin 1

  1. What it really is: Boiled down pig skin (46%), bovine hide (29.4%) and pork and cattle bones (23.1%).

gelatin 2

So if you get raspberry flavoured, you’re hitting the gross food ingredient triple combo: gelatin, castoreum and carmine. Mmmm pig skin, ground up beetle belly and beaver’s anal juice.


One thought on “6 Disgusting Ingredients Found In Food

  1. Oh dear this is so hard to consider, I knew about the Rennet used to make the Parmesan cheese but I was disgusted to know what they use in the bread. 🙂


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