One Man, One Vote : Why South Africans Should Vote

“One man, one vote”, that’s what Mandela and his comrades fought for, so why are we not voting?
Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, Walter Sisulu and millions of other South Africans fought for the right to have freedom and the freedom to vote is a right that must be enjoyed and taken advantage of. This right was first exercised through the election of the first Black President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, who was elected on 27th April 1994. “One man, one vote” after decades of oppression and struggle asking for a right black South African citizens were deprived of, the right to vote. Twenty years later (almost to date) South Africans are going to the polls today on the 7th of May to vote for the new parliament and government. Unfortunately, a number of young South Africans see no point in voting. The reason why this is happening is because they say that almost nothing has changed since the end of Apartheid – just a change in governance and that is all. For some people in townships the life they live is what makes them hopeless. It is said that unemployment, slow economic growth and corruption scandals have tarnished the name of the ANC over the last few years. Which may be true but I believe this is one more reason for the South African people to go and vote! I don’t think staying at home will bring the necessary change that we want to see. It’s time for the youth to rise up and say “Enough Is Enough” but, this time, through the polls – your vote matters. I’m an African, I have seen the same situation in quite a lot of African countries. I must say that, no one will cause the change that we want to see, so let’s take ownership of this journey and make the right choice for our future instead of blaming others for the failures of our past. Be a responsible citizen and vote for the change you want to see.



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