It was Saturday the 29th of March and another event had been planned to help relieve ALA students from what had been yet another stressful week.

The environmentally friendly SEP Greendorm had sent e-invites to an All-Community bonfire to celebrate Earth Hour; and it was definitely a “turn-up” in every sense of the word.It started around 20:30 and the vibe lasted the entire night after what was a very successful gathering.

With threats of pulling us out of bed and stealing our electronic devices, Mr Peter inspired about 80 students to leave their rooms with promises of smores and hot chocolate.

There was something for everyone! From being surrounded by your closest friends as you sat under the stars and squeezed onto one Sodexo blanket, to live performances by the oh-so-talented Thoko, Simone and Ukairo, to drum-beating battles between the North and West Africans and fun icebreaker activities – it was amazing. It was an awesome way to spend our earth hour; talking to people you had never had the chance to and sharing cups of hot chocolate with whoever was huddled next to you. It truly felt like we were all one big family, laughing together as we sang songs completely off-tune and running around like headless chickens looking for marshmallows; it was beautiful chaos.

After the event itself had been drawn to a close, in true ALA spirit, there was an impromptu party. All one really needs is speakers and an empty quad to have a good time. After spending time bonding over sweet-snacks, stories and stargazing; we truly let loose as we danced together all over the quad and shuffled our way into the dining hall for extra snacks. For once, everybody was socializing and nobody walked with their head bent down and their phone screen illuminating their face – everybody was living in the moment with all forms of technology locked away in their rooms. Earth hour was a huge success and a necessary event to say the least. And who knows, maybe monthly bonfires and quad parties could become the next big thing on campus *fingers crossed*
Three Cheers for Mr Peter and Greendorm for what can be simply explained as a magical evening!

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