Good Girl Gone [For] Bad [Boys]

Over the course of the week, I stumbled upon yet another throwback movie-  “It’s A Boy Girl Thing.” The movie was released in 2006 and is centred around a girl, Nell (a “good” girl played by Samaire Armstrong) and a boy, Woody (a “bad” boy played by Kevin Zegers).
Both characters are of different extremes and they fight often. Nell is a smart, determined and proper young lady, whose values clash with Woody’s, who is a jock that appears not to care much for academics or people.
However, after visiting a museum full of Aztec artefacts, an Aztec god switches Nell and Woody’s bodies to teach them a lesson. At the end of the movie, they return to their normal bodies, fall in love with one another and as fairy-tale storytellers would say, “they lived happily ever after.”

Watching the movie suddenly provoked a thought of the frequently asked question, “Why do good girls go for bad boys?” The question could certainly not be answered by the thought of an Aztec god’s interference in people’s lives as seen from the movie, but all wasn’t lost. In order to answer such a question, we turned to ALA students to get their opinions and answers to such a question.

Many different ideas were heard and some people said…

“Danger is exciting…” – Anonymous
The explanation behind this quote comes from the idea that a girl knows better than to be involved with a “bad” boy, yet such knowledge makes it more appealing to fancy the “bad” boys. Also, the “I don’t care” attitude that “bad” boys give off is more exciting than attitudes of a “good” boy.

“There are no fully “good” girls” – Anonymous
The quote is almost self-explanatory. This quote comes from the idea that every girl has a good and bad side, and the latter side is just brought out or attracted towards the bad side of the “bad” boys.

“It’s an accomplishment” – Andrew Lewis
Andrew thinks that a “bad” boy is seen as a popular commodity in the market amongst girls and the typical “good” girl would aim to tame such a commodity. After taming the “bad” boy, the girl feels a sense of accomplishment that could be translated as being “that girl who has control over this socially inclined and rebellious guy,” as said by Andrew, that the girl enjoys.

“They think they can change them” –Anonymous
This person had once heard from a couple of friends that “good” girls go out with “bad” boys having the hopes of changing them (the boys) and it seemed like a valid reason.

“The “good” girls see something in the “bad” boys that they (the girls) want to be and they can become this thing through the “bad” boys” – Won-Sun Mbengeni
Won-Sun’s quote comes from the idea that most “good” girls do not have the room to do anything that is not categorized as good because of how they grew up, yet they would want to do something “bad”. In order to experience “bad” things, they would choose to go after “bad” boys.

Those are just a few possible reasons behind why “good” girls go after “bad” boys. Let ALAians Media know possible reasons that you think would make a “Good Girl Gone [For] Bad [Boys]”

(P.s note how the title of the article was crafted with the help of Rihanna’s album “Good Girl Gone Bad”… #CrazyLiterature)

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