Turn down for what?

With a month left until graduation, second years (and first years) can’t help but count down the days. Second years are all excited to finally be out of “highschool” and first years are excited because they are one step closer to their departure too. But of course, in true high school fashion, there are still classes and exams to get through before our long-awaited summer break (it’s actually winter but you get the gist)

The presence of CIEs and classes and the absence of snow-days have got everybody just a little down. But have no fear! ALAians media is here to help you get through this

If you’d like to survive until graduation, there are 3 things we suggest you do



This is important because now is the time where your work matters most. Yes, we understand how much you hate math and how studying for that economics paper might kill you, in fact, we even agree BUT rather suffer through the studying now and rejoice when you see those well-deserved A*s on your report card. (For first years, remember that you still have to get into college)


Whilst dreaming about graduation and counting down the seconds until your summer holiday starts, think about what graduation really means. For first years, it means you wont see your RA, PC and other second year friends for quite a while. For second years, you will soon become the firsties somewhere else, imagine that *shudders*.

So, while you’re counting down the days, remember to spend time with the people you love most and take a couple hundred memorable selfies while you’re at it.


CIEs, classes and SATs will soon be over, they are only temporary and that is why we encourage you to keep the turnup alive. We can all hold on just a little longer, do not let your bright shiny potato faces disappear just yet. With mall trips, quad parties, bonfires and graduation ball just around the corner – do you really think you can afford to turn down?


Now, we understand that we should have mentioned things like eating healthy and exercising but you all know that already and we get how hard it can be to exercise when it feels like we are living in Winterfell (game of thrones reference for those who don’t get that,  even though that would mean that you don’t watch the series and that’s just absurd). These are just a few tips or rather suggestions that we think can help you push through the next 30-something days. Above all else – stay happy, stay warm and keep the spirit of the turnup alive.

What tips do you have to get through the next couple weeks? Let ALAians Media know.

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