ALA on the Nigerian Scene

From international pressure concerning the anti-gay bill to attacks conducted by Boko Haram and recently, the abduction of over 200 girls from a school Borno state in Northern Nigeria in April – suffice it to say that this year has not particularly been the smoothest one for Nigeria.

The world is aware of the issues in Nigeria, particularly that of Boko Haram. The world has shown its support and willingness to help through many ways. Most people have taken photos, tweeted or updated their statuses on Facebook to “#BringBackOurGirls.” Also, the government of the United States and Britain have sent some of their officials to Nigeria  to help the country recover the kidnapped girls.
Michelle Obama bring back


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Being a school supporting the idea of a pan-African Africa, the ALA community gathered together on Thursday, the 8th of May, on the quad to write messages about the scene in Nigeria and took pictures with their messages to add their voices to that of the world’s.


The recent tragic happenings in Nigeria also caused the Nigerian community of ALA to come together and brainstorm ideas on how to make Nigeria a better place. ALAians Media got the chance to find out what the Nigerian community in ALA seeks to do to achieve such a goal.

The Nigerian members of the community hope to create a website that aims to motivate youth to draw media attention to the problems of Nigeria and inspire the youth to let their voice be heard in Nigeria. The idea also serves as the pilot of a project that the Entrepreneurial Leadership department encourages all first year students to implement over the summer for the Nigerian community.

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