My Story,Our Story : Worth Sharing

ALA tries by all means possible to foster the sense of community, unity and comfort for all parties in the school, one of the means it uses to achieve this is the weekly community assembly. The assembly is focused on the ALA community and one segment of the gathering that is always exciting is the “My Story” segment.  ‘My Story’ is an opportunity to listen, learn, laugh, empathise, share, admire and wonder. To be honest, sometimes it is a good chance to have a great laugh after a long and dreadful start of the week.
We all have preconceptions, judgements and questions about people and often their ‘My Story’ answers those questions. It is an opportunity to learn how someone survived a war, or lived in a refugee camp, or why some people value their religion so much, or prefer certain things over others. It is an opportunity to empathise with those who have suffered a great deal of hardship. Out of those stories, there are lessons learnt. As a community we learn from each other.
Opening up is not an easy thing, but at ALA you are guaranteed a safe space to feel secure and the weekly assembly’s ‘My Story’ series goes ahead to show the safe and secure space that ALA is. Besides sharing about one’s life, its an opportunity for a speaker to practice public speaking- a fear many have. We all have a story to tell, too often we think other people have better stories than us but a story is a story- and all stories are worth telling.

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