Five tips for productivity during exams

With the CIEs flow already on the move and with first years preparing for their internal exams, it is important for people to have a few tips on productivity and keeping themselves focused on the tasks ahead.

  1. Eat well

SONY DSCThink of your body as a car. Cars don’t work without petrol. Neither does your body. To be productive you need to eat your three daily meals with fruits and vegetable. To perform well, Sodexo has to be your friend!

  1. Study with light music

Student studying  by Don Hamerman For Rutgers Photo Services

Studying with soft music like jazz or soul helps concentrate better and for longer. Rather than listening to fast-paced pop music which easily distracts the mind, you should listen to soft music. There are different forms of music for different activities, but if you want your studying to be effective, listening to slow and soft music would help you a lot.

  1. Take breaks

As much as it is important for people to study hard, it is also important for them to play hard. During this exam period it is advisable for you to leave your books and go for a quad walk or a jog. It would help you release your brain cells for a few minutes and would help you concentrate better when you return to studying.

  1. Sleep well


Sleeping also gives the brain its downtime with little processing work to do. After studying for a very long period, it is really important to sleep, hard. Our bodies react to stress in different ways which could affect our performance negatively. And you definitely don’t want to wake up late because you studied too long at night.

  1. Find a chill spot for yourself


One thing you really need during the exam period is a place where you can be away from any sort of disturbance to simply chill or study!


Good luck guys x

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