What are we afraid of?

Some things are generally scary for most people: Cockroaches, strange figures at night, Econ MCQs. Even now, some of you shuddered at the bare mention of those things (if you didn’t you sort of want to now don’t you? Just for fun?)

It’s okay. Fears are natural and most people have something they are afraid of. Sometimes though, these things are sort of silly and not usually classified under “ahhh scary!” These are called phobias; extreme or irrational fears.We asked around the ALA campus if people had any phobias and these were the responses:

I am afraid of pins. I don’t know why but they freak me out, even when I just see people holding them  –Victor

My mom used to say cooked onions were worms. Now I hate them, and I spoon them out whenever I eat–Innocent Jabulani

I am afraid of snakes. Not just the animals; Anything that looks like a snake. As long as it looks like one, I can’t come close. Surprisingly, I like Spaghetti–Loic

I’m afraid my friends are plotting to kill me–Zacky

My own inadequacy–Bonga Gumede

I fear nothing because I am a boss!!!–Anonymous

Toppers running out of stock in Duka Bora–Soala

Mascots. Costume character people things. They’re creepy. Disneyland is a scary, scary place–Thoko and Imaobong

Having a disproportional body –Anonymous

Stepping on wet grass. or grass at night. I feel like I am stepping on green mambas–Anonymous

Do I have any?–Franklyn

Well, do you have any? Let ALAians Media know what freaks you out the most! And please, don’t use anybody’s fears to taunt them (as tempting as that may be)


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