Miss ALA 2014: Irene Peter

If someone asked me what my best moments at ALA were, one of them would be-Friday the 24th of May 2014, when I was crowned Ms ALA 2014. To be honest, it was a humbling experience to witness such amazing support from the crowd as I walked shyly presenting myself to the judges and the ALA community. That night was probably one of the greatest nights of my life where I felt so much love and care from my peers. It was definitely a night in which I challenged many preconceptions I had about myself and how people see me.
It all started as a relatively normal Friday with two A-level Geography papers that I was supposed to tackle. I had a very busy day: meetings, final preparations for Geography and I still had to get ready for the Mr and Mrs ALA pageant. Because of the frustration I felt before my exams, I decided to quit the show. I almost quit the show but I thank my close friends who advised me not to stress about what I will wear or what I will do for the talent section but to see the night as a chance of challenging myself and have as much fun as possible and as a reward for finishing my exams.I was like “if my friends got my back, why should I be scared?”

What my friends told me made sense in my head but like any other human being I felt scared. I knew I did not want to regret the opportunity to try something that I love, something that I am truly passionate about. However, I lacked self-confidence. Indeed, I was terrified of how it might turn out at the end. Nevertheless, I said to myself, “you will never know until you try” hence I made a stand and went for it.
I know I can never thank everyone enough for making that day one of my best experiences at ALA but one thing for sure is that I want everyone to know that they have contributed a lot in helping me fight my preconceptions. I am and will always be very grateful for this highlight of my experience at ALA before I graduate. I hope this reflection will be an encouragement to anyone who wishes to do something but feels scared to take a risk. Put your fears behind and let your heart to take control.
Thank you very much.

2 thoughts on “Miss ALA 2014: Irene Peter

  1. U really are making us proud young sisy !u hv dne ao many amazing thngs and u kip doing them may the almyt God kip blessing u !we are so proud of u our totoo!


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