In The Shoes of Mr ALA, Osadee Fadaka

On the 24th of May, this year’s Mr and Mrs ALA pageant was held in the auditorium. The new entertainment rep, Alexia Zahue, along with her entertainment team- Tamasha, organised the event and ensured the evening’s smooth running.

This year’s Mr and Mrs ALA was spectacular. The event consisted of the contestants modelling in their traditional, formal and “own style” attire, showcasing their various talents and being asked questions by the panel of judges. The event was most definitely not short of special performances as members of the crowd were entertained by the musical talent of Khloe Van Graan (Ms Bonita’s daughter), the dance moves of the dance crew Legion and the musical spoken word from Bubelo Mlilo and Tino Chijaka.

It was an amazing night that ended with even more excitement as Osadee Fadaka and Irene Peter were crowned as this year’s Mr and Mrs ALA.

Whilst ALAians Media was able to get a reflection from Irene Peter (Mrs ALA), we also got the chance to have a sit down with Osadee to talk about himself, the event and his experience.

ALAians Media: How are you doing today?
Osadee: I’m great thank you

A: How has life been as Mr ALA? Anything different happening after being given the title?
O: Nothing has really changed apart from the fact that people call me Mr ALA and not Osadee.

A: Hahaha, so Osadee, knowing how different your life became after the event, would you mind shedding light on how life was before the event (auditions and what not).
O: To be honest I didn’t want to go into the competition. Alexia asked me to come for the auditions and I reluctantly went. I waited for like three minutes but I left because I didn’t want to be there and partly because I was cold. The next day, Alexia asked me to join the competition again this time because Ebenezer dropped out. I agreed to be a contestant at the last minute because I didn’t want to disappoint Alexia and it wasn’t a big deal. From then on everything was freestyle.

A: Oh wow, talk about a story behind the winner’s journey to the top. Before the event began, how did you feel? Nervous? Anxious? Relaxed? Excited?
O: Umm, I think at first I was a bit nervous because I wasn’t quite sure of which song I would perform during the talent section of the show. But then when I knew which song I would be performing, everything became chilled and I was a bit excited.

A: Despite how you felt were there any mistakes you hoped to avoid during the show? And how did that go?
O: Yeah because I was free styling “She Ain’t You” by Chris Brown I was hoping that I wouldn’t mess up the lyrics. I omitted some words but luckily for me the crowd was singing along and my mistakes weren’t so noticeable.

A: Apart from that, how was the entire event and what was your favourite part?
O: It was cool. The event was very cool. There were some parts where it was tense, like during the interviews. But I got more relaxed during the performance in the talent stage. But as a whole, it was a really interesting show. My favourite part of the show was watching contestants showcase their talents and I really enjoyed it.

A: Are there any words of advice you would pass on to possible contestants for next year’s show?
O: I guess the best advice is just to be natural, keep it cool and be you. Oh and by the way good luck future contestants.

A: Thanks for your words of advice Osadee (not that I’m planning on running for Mr ALA next year). And thank you for taking time out to sit through this interview.
O: My pleasure. Peace!

So there you have it folks, the journey and experience of Mr ALA 2014, Osadee Fadaka. Who will be the next Mr and Mrs ALA? Let’s wait till next year’s show.

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