Welcome to Wellness Wednesday!

It’s the middle of the week and that means it’s Wellness Wednesday! Everyone is familiar with the term wellness and the term Wednesday, right? Right?! Okay good! Well here at ALAians Media, we dedicate a post each Wednesday to ALA’s Wellness Program.

So, why Wellness?

Wellness is a useful, interesting interactive program that helps nurture skills crucial for healthy living . It exists to ensure that you’re all doing alright physically and emotionally. Ever had the typical ALA student blues? Terrible Time management? Pitiful levels of Procrastination?  Ever-Eroding Energy levels? Not to worry! You need look no further than Wellness to help with those.

This term, the Wellness department, led by Ms Mandisa, aims to touch on topics ranging from  Time Management to The Art of Prioritizing, Responsible Drinking, Sex Education and much more!

You may be wondering how you can keep up with all this….

There are many ways of Keeping up with the Kardashians Wellness. Firstly, attend Wellness sessions in the designated time periods for your year group. Also, feel free to set an apointment with Ms Mandisa or Mr Zamo’s if you want one on one attention . For the firsties, your lovely PCs and RAs are also well trained in the ancient arts of Wellness, so feel free to approach them too. And finally, every Wednesday, you can be sure to find a “Wellness Wednesday” article right here on ALAians Media!

Any burning questions or topic suggestions for your wellness sessions? Comment below and Ms Mandisa will get to know! 

That’s it from ALAians Media ALAians and have a great Wellness Wednesday!

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