3 Places, 3 Terms

A month into the school year, we can probably all admit that we  miss summer. We’d prefer “S” to stand for summer rather than school. We’d rather have our alarms going off at noon than 6am, and have brunch (because you woke up at noon) rather than breakfast and lunch separately. We’d swap our textbooks, notepads and calculators for summer novels, movies and smartphones. And finally we’d trade that class period after lunch for an hour’s worth of downtime with friends.

Fond memories of summer may have you tearing up right now, but despair not; all is not lost.  ALA is in Johannesburg- a vibrant, exciting and lively city which has tons and tons of tourist attractions that are worth a visit or two. These 3 places listed below are exciting places where you could go out with friends to de-stress from the week, get back in touch with the world, celebrate a friend’s birthday (hints thrown) and even do the “impossible”- bring summer to school over the course of the year.

And so it begins:


gold reef city 3gold reef citygold reef city 2

Gold Reef city is one of Johannesburg’s most exciting attractions. There are enough rides for both the daredevils and the scaredy cats, sweets galore, shops and restaurants that make the park a little slice of perfection. With a proper sign out, R160 for student ID holders and a group of your besties, Gold Reef City anxiously awaits you! From experience, the rides you must not miss are The Anaconda, The Dreamboat and The Tower of Terror, so keep those in mind !P.S Hold your valuables  tight…you’ll spend some time upside down.



Everyone’s Instagram is in need of a picture with a scenic park background for two reasons: 1. you get to show Instagramers your “chilled beautiful” life and 2. you finally get to use those flowery and woodsy emojis. Look no further than Botanical Gardens to have a relaxing, peaceful and picture worthy picnic.

(Seriously, imagine actually being able to appropriately use these emojis!)

botanical 2


casinomonte casinomonte

Get ready to debate on whether to wear semi formal attire or casual clothes, because at Monte Casino you could be having a birthday dinner for a friend at one of the many restaurants in the Casino, or watching the latest movies at the cinema. Monte Casino is an entertainment center with it’s very own Vegas-style casino (hence it’s name! )which you must visit before you leave for home. The scenery is impeccable and you will forget what country you are in for a while. It’s not a mall, so you probably won’t be revamping your closet there but it’s a great place to hang out with friends.

There you have it, an exciting place to go each term (or if you like, exciting places to go to this term).

Know any other cool places? Share, Share Share! 



One thought on “3 Places, 3 Terms

  1. Also always worth a visit:

    Arts on Main (Street) – great food, interesting crowds and lots of unique art on offer, as well as a walk through Downtown Joburg to get there.


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