Unsung Hero(es) for September- CLASS OF 2013

Yesterday we celebrated our unsung heroes on the ALA campus. Gratitude is really important, so while not everyone could be called up during assembly, ALAians media would like to appreciate our second years!

It isn’t easy coming back after a long holiday of missing people to have to face 100 new people. Despite this, the second years have all done their best to make the firsties feel right at home on campus. During the first mall trip, the Second years  cut into their shopping time to help the the first years get used to the maze that Clearwater mall can be. The first years were also able to start enjoying ALA parties quickly because the second years were there to show them that crazy is sometimes okay.

In general, the second years are showing themselves to have grown up a lot. They have done their all to integrate the two year groups and treat the firsties like younger siblings (even when they are the younger ones!) and for this they deserve a job well done.

And to the first years, thank you for being an awesome addition to the campus!

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