Happy Birthday Hafssa!


Thanks for being a great well of wisdom and making me feel like the firsty at times, as well filling the room with cheer always.You’re a bundle of energy on campus and a true inspiration for your strength in handling challenges. I love you.

From Chebet

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Hafssa!

  1. dear friend, I hope that this date be repeated more often, by more than infrentas difficulties in your life, go freight, be proud of who es and be happy, have good decision making and enjoying life do not let life to enjoy
    Whenever you need support tell me.
    Greetings and success in your life
    Estela from Mozambique


  2. Hi beautiful. I hope you have an amazing rest-of-the day, Youre the most energetic person I know and theres never a dull moment with you. I love you so much and you are so amazing!

    Its sad i couldnt get to spend your day with you but im sure it was amazing

    Love you so much Hafsaaa :*




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