Tomorrow is SAT-urday

It’s the best of times it’s the worst of times. It’s a Saturday spent glued to a chair doing a test that seems to be able to determine your future no matter what anyone says. Tomorrow, second years will be writing the SAT’s

In case somehow, you’ve been lucky enough to avoid this topic, SAT stands for scholastic aptitude test and is a standardized test that many US colleges use to make decisions about applications. Also, they feature in every highschooler’s nightmares at least once.

But it’s not that bad, honestly. It’s just a test. Yes it could make or break you getting into a college of your choice, but the best way to face it is with poise and tranquility. This is advice to both overanxious firsties and the second years. Chill. Obviously you must study for them and do your best, but don’t kill yourselves.

Second years, errythang will be fine. If you want to go to college, you will and you will make the best of it wherever you go! So smile and be calm tonight,  and enjoy yourselves tomorrow afternoon no matter what happens!

Goodluck to everyone taking the SAT’s tomorrow! 

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