5 People 1 Waterslide

Hola amigos! Hope you all had an amazing break and are looking forward to the next three…sorry…three and a half days of school before yet another weekend.

But before we go back to mechanics and Literature, let’s take a moment and relive the fun that happened yesterday. We’re talking about the afternoon spent with the water slide.

Well, it was manufactured to be a waterslide, and it pretty much does just that, UNTIL:

  1. O.G gives you “the look”
  2. Othmane asks you “what’s up?”
  3. Seyi flashes you a sneaky smile
  4. Zacky asks “how far na?”
  5. Tito bellows “oya come here.”

Once you experience any of those things, the water slide become a symbol of the fight for your right to be dry, and the word “shower” becomes traumatic.

Here are our top 5 “SHOWER!!” moments from yesterday:

  1. Mr DesmondIMG_2104Mr Desmond, this is for all those Econ homeworks and tests 🙂
  2. TemilayoIMG_2123Temilayo being dunked once again, despite her pleas
  3. IbrahimIMG_2161Judging from Brian, Othmane and Youssef’s faces, it seems like Ibrahim was a tough one to shower
  4. DeepshikaIMG_2102Deepshika explaining why she should not get showered again as Seyi prepares to shower her.
  5. MohammedIMG_2146Mohammed:  “Ahh Gyampo, dey don shower you too?” #madeupbutprobablytrue

Big ups to Tamasha for organizing an eventful break and the photographers that capture all these precious moments, “you are all so wonderful, thank you!” (Missy Elliott Pass That Dutch lyrics)

Who’s in your top 5 shower moments? Leave us a comment or two

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