The First Year Fifteen

Have you ever heard of the freshman fifteen? It’s a term used in US colleges to refer to the 15 pounds students gain in their first year of college.

Now, we’re not in college yet, but it’s not hard to guess that at least half of the firsties have given some thought to the ‘First year Fifteen.’

You came to this new place with a diet plan that was probably a bit different from what you were used to. Your access to junk food seems to have somehow diminished but then quadrupled at the same time, and suddenly, those pants take a bit more wiggling to get into than usual.

As second years, all we shall say is “Been there, done that!” Well, that and, don’t panic. And…(We’re saying way more than been there, done that) there are ways to stop it before it goes too far.

We’re not going to tell you to not order debonairs because..will power…it is hard. BUT we’re going to  beg you to try to be moderate. Maybe don’t buy things in bulk from Duka Bora, but buy as much as you’re going to eat right then. And keep food from the mall in a locker, or a friend’s room. That way you have to actually stand up to get to it, which can reduce how much you eat.

The other thing is, do a sport. I mean, it’s compulsory. You might as well. It will really help keep things in check.

But the most important thing is, love yourself no matter what. So don’t obsess over it. Just be healthy and it will all be good 🙂

Anyone feeling that fifteen? Any other tips? Share, if you please! 😀

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