Wellness Wednesday: Let’s Talk About Grit

There comes a time in your ALA life where all you think about is that African Studies presentation, or that EL meeting, whilst wondering if you’re ever going to have time to study for those Econ and Math tests. But not to worry, (brace yourself, cliché coming) there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

And today we’ll be talking about how to get to that light! Ever hear of the word “grit”? It means courage, resolve and strength of character–qualities we all need to get through full to-do lists and general tough times at ALA.

Here’s where you should be asking, “How am I supposed to have grit?”  Here are a few things you could do to muster up the courage to not give up and “just hold on [cause] we’re going home” #DrakeLyrics…

  1. Do something that puts a smile on your face:

Take a break! Sometimes the things that make us happy relax us and give us the energy and courage we need to persevere and come out on top. So…read a book, watch the new episode of that series, exercise or spend some time with your friends.

  1. Talk to someone:

In and out of ALA, there are so many people who have your back and are always willing to help. Talking to people helps you find possible solutions, not feel alone and sometimes just escape from your full to-do list. So, find a staffulty member, chill with a PC, order pizza with a friend or even pick up your phone and send a message to your family at home.

  1. Make your plans detailed/ SMART plan (EL would be proud):

Making a SMART or detailed plan makes it easier for you to approach and successfully tackle your obstacles. So instead of saying “I need to study for biology,” say “I’m going to spend an hour studying Photosynthesis and Respiration.” It helps!


Have a great Wellness Wednesday and remember…”Just hold on (eventually ) we’re going home” #Drake

Have anything you do to gather up courage or be as gritty as gritty can be? Let us know.

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