Why We Love Halloween


That time of the year came once again. Halloween is the one day of the year when you’re free to dress up as that favorite cartoon character or movie hero that you obsess about constantly. From Catwoman to Chucky or even Cleopatra, there are no limits. October 31st (or November 1st if school comes before holidays) is the day when you can walk around looking like some ugly, freaky creature but instead of attracting gasps of horror, you get gasps of approval and plaudits.

This year, people took costumes to a whole new level.

A makeup booth was set up where people were not afraid to splash on the white baby powder or go crazy with the black eye liner and MAC ruby woo lipstick. Others spent hours in their rooms working on their costumes in secret.

From Adaeze’s gory makeup to Haitham’s joker face to Ibrahim’s skeleton suit, the fashion statements were made, loud and clear.

We love Halloween  because there aren’t any ‘fashion rules’. No need to feel self conscious about colour blocking or messy hair. There’s no fashion police out there waiting to catch you (this time). If anything, the more daring you are, the more praise you receive.

Halloween has come and gone, but it shall be back! So get ready!



Look out for info about the   awesome Halloween Party of 2014!

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