The Halloween Party: A Recap

Hey people! We hope everyone’s weekend is going fine, even with the SATs having popped up once again.

About a week ago (exactly a week ago, but one must never not use that line), Tamasha threw an excellent Halloween party, and in case you missed it, or want to relive the moment, here is a quick recap of how it all went:

The memorable night of the 1st of November began with groups of students, in their costumes, being led into a spooky room where they watched a nerve-wracking clip from a horror movie. As if this was not enough to put everyone in the mood for Halloween, right after the clip, students were scared by a cast of ghosts and monsters who had been hiding in the room. There were more than a few screams.

Next, everyone moved into the next room to watch two dance groups at ALA perform.  The first to display their well choreographed moves was Vogue. Their performance started with slow and meticulous movements before  erupting into an explosive spectacle of spontaneous movements. After Vogue’s dazzling performance, the masked sinister men of the dance group Legion took over the stage. These masked men displayed an amazing exhibition of dance that left the audience oscillating between emotional awe-filled screams and stunned silence.

With the strobe lights flashing, both groups gave truly amazing performances.

After, students were led to their final destination–the dance floor. The Halloween party! This is where the students showed off their perfect dancing skills (or attempted to) to celebrate this dark and mysterious holiday ( and generally let off steam.) After hours of moving and shaking to the great playlist put together by Tamasha, the party came to an end. Students left in a tired, happy daze, knowing fully well that their legs would probably be hurting in the morning. Overall, the Halloween event, as one first year put it, “was a night to remember.”


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