Let’s live in the moment baby!

As young people, we spend a lot of time worrying about the future. We think about our dreams and what it will take to get there; the jobs we wish we could get, the college we hope to get in and all that stuff. But, then it’s Monday morning, you have an economics test, you tried hard to study for it but after all your efforts, you are almost certain you failed it. You then begin to ask yourself questions about your dreams. You wonder if they are really valid. Will you really make it in this life? Will you really become the awesome person you want to be? Will you get the grades required by the college that would supposedly mold you into that person?

The funny things is that, the only reason we worry and think we are failing is because we ignore the value in living in the present and focus too much on the future. We tend to forget that no one can predict the future precisely and there is no need to worry about what will happen next. We must all learn to live in the now.

Imagine if you do get into college and find out it’s not that great. The people, location and classes aren’t all they were cracked up to be, and then you begin to miss ALA and wish you had enjoyed your time here to the max. It would suck. Hopefully, we will all love our lives after ALA, but let’s try to avoid regrets about our life at ALA. Don’t lock yourself in your room worrying about the things you can’t do, the opportunities you’ve missed, or the mistakes you’ve made. Spend that time doing the cool things only possible at ALA. Think of Explore Jo’burg, sign up for it. Don’t wait until it’s too late to realize how cool the people around you are. Do it now. Spend your dinner creating memories with people. Don’t snooze off on every Friday B; come out to play sometimes. If you want to have fun, do so now.

You and I have no idea what will happen tomorrow. What if the world ends? What if graduation catches us unaware (yes it is in the calendar, but just go with it :P) ? Forget your fears, and lets live in the moment baby!

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