Owning your room

ALA is going to be your home for anything from the next seven months to the next two years. You are going to spend countless hours in your room watching movies, having sleepovers, playing Call of Duty etc etc, so why not spice up your room?

We went on a little mission uncovering some of the impressive rooms in a few of the dormitories and were pretty blown away by the effort some have put into making their rooms ‘theirs’ . The good thing about decorating your own room is that you do not need to wait for the next mall trip to buy some crazy expensive wallpapers. Just ask for some supplies from the art room or get some cool manilla from Spar and embark on your DIY journey.
Whether colour coded, like one of the lovely rooms showcased below, or theme based, own it. Stick inspirational quotes on the wall and door, birthday cards, role models, pictures of your friends and families, anything. Just make sure that each time you walk into that room you’re mighty proud :’D

jjj romm


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