Wellness Wednesday: Appropriate Behaviour Workshop

Well hello there, it’s that time of year again…*drumroll*…it’s the annual Workshop Weekend. This year, the workshop is focused on appropriate behavior (duh) and it promises to be a fun one!

On Monday we all watched a funny skit from the Improv. Acting club during assembly, promoting the workshop coming at the end of the week. The skit was not only funny but also enlightening, as Dikenna (#S/O) shared a thought provoking speech on  freedom of dressing.

The workshop is most definitely not short of a variety of activities. From a movie to tons of interesting discussions, the workshop promises to be a bucket load of fun!

So get ready for this Friday! Get your engines ready and get involved in the #ABWorkshop! (successful hash-tagging or nah?)

Have a great rest of the week and see you at the Appropriate Behaviour Workshop

One thought on “Wellness Wednesday: Appropriate Behaviour Workshop

  1. I appreciate your effort in using #Abworkshop!.(successful hash tagging or not ?). I want to inform the writer and any other ign.. folk that it would be better to discuss something better .. what you must know is you can argue with #Ab , agree with #Ab but at the end of the day .. #Ab don’t care and life still moves on.
    I am honored though..


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