May I Please Have The Cheque?

I recently engaged in a very heated debate about dating. The question at hand was, whose responsibility is it to handle the cheque? Is it a guy’s responsibility or the girl’s? This topic has been discussed time and again and, because we are in Africa where male dominance is common, I often get the response that it is in fact a guy’s responsibility to handle the bill. What will society think if we dare to let a girl pull out her wallet and pay?

I then began to think of the different types of guys out there and I thought it would be helpful to let the ladies know what to look out for. The 3 main types of guys out there are:

  1. The equality guys– these are the guys that will make you pay half the bill as well as request you leave a little something for the tip. So ladies before you gasp in astonishment at their request, remember it is the equality the great grandmothers fought for so you have them to blame.
  2. The second and probably the funniest type of guys out there would be the lean back guys, also known as leeches. These are the guys whose bladders always require them to go to the bathroom the minute the bill arrives. They are also known to have a tendency of forgetting their wallets at home so beware!
  3. Then lastly, my personal favourite, the gentlemen. These are the guys that pull out your chair, handle the bill and make sure you have nothing to worry about.


So ladies, the next time you think about leaving your house without your wallet, my advice to you is DON’T! You never know which of these lovely guys you might get. In conclusion, I would like to give my view on the issue, if you asked for the date, YOU SHOULD PAY for the dinner!



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