Wellness Wednesday: Appropriate Behaviour Workshop (Part 2)

Well hello again! It’s been long…we know…but exams were calling. But what’s more important is that we are back now! And for this “Wellness Wednesday” it’s all about the “we told you so”s.

In our previous post on the Appropriate Behaviours workshop, we promised you it would be full of interactive games, videos and great discussions! And guess what? It was…so it’s only fair to say “we told you so!”

The workshop touched on the topics of diversity, tolerance and acceptance. Discussions were full of interesting and valuable insights as they ranged from conversations on gender, sexuality, nationality and much more.

Enough from us, here’s what a few of our ALAians had to say about the #ABWorkshop:

“I liked everything! I liked that we talked about the differences between tolerance and acceptance, and I wish that we had more time so that the conversations could go on and get even deeper!”

“It was amazing facilitating the discussions! It was great to direct and be involved in the discussions. I might have just done EL proud with my facilitating.”

“It was really nice! I enjoyed the games- especially the charades at the beginning (it was really hard)! I would like to have even more interactive games and discussions too.”

Well folks, that’s what a few of the ALAians had to say about the workshop, and it seems like some people might want another workshop next term (Ms Mandisa hints have been thrown).

Also, we’d like to give a great shout out to Ms Mandisa and her team of PCs and staffulty facilitators for helping host the workshop!

And finally, remember to keep the convos on diversity, tolerance and acceptance going!

From us to you…have a great Wellness Wednesday.

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