What Does Your Favourite Song Off Beyonce Say About You?

That’s right…it’s Yonce time and this is one for the “Beygency”! Queen B has definitely had an amazing year so far, from releasing her surprise album Beyoncé, to the Mrs Carter and On the Run tours, to the recent release of her singles 7/11 and Ring Off. And now, she sneezed on this article and it got sickah.

Ever wondered why you listen to that one song off Beyoncé …well we’ve got you covered. Here’s what your favourite song from Queen B’s latest album says about you.

The more you listen to Flawless the more flawless you become (yes… it’s true, take it from me). Flawless– the song for bosses. From waking up, posting up and riding around flawless, to your diamonds being flawless, the Flawless listeners are the people that are more in touch with embracing their “run the world” and boss-like tendencies. So if you ever feel like getting in touch with how much of a flawless being you are, listen to Flawless.

giphy flawless

Pretty Hurts is for the thinkers, the inquisitive ones that question the practices of society and their worth. Pretty Hurts is a great song that goes deep into showing the not-so-great practices of “great” societies. I mean, c’mon “ain’t got no doctor or pill that can take the pain away,” now that is a great line! Who said thinking is restricted to Maths, Sciences and what not?Liistening to Pretty Hurts is just as thought provoking.

giphy pretty hurts

Well well, we need not go into the details but Blow is most definitely a fun and colourful song! The neon lights, the roller skating rink and colourful outfits make the video the dose of fun that it is. People that have Blow as their favourite are just as fun and colourful as the song itself.

giphy blw
There’s nothing better than pretending to be in the Yonce video! Slow motion walks, leather jackets, squad chillin’- it’s perfect. Yonce listeners are the ones that embrace the hood and all its perks, whilst retaining their overt flawlessness (see how both songs go together). So, watch the Yonce video, get Yonce worthy outfits for you and the squad, and embrace the hood!

giphy yonce
One of my favourites, Mine passes across the message of two lovers who are embarking on their mature yet love-filled journey together. The song also features Drake, so, it only makes sense that Mine lovers tend to be those that love a chilled beat or have some sort of deep feelings of affection and history with a significant other. It’s a love so deep that “I just wanna say you’re mine, you’re mine.”

giphy mine
“Driver roll up the partition fast” because people that love Partition embrace their overtly attractive selves. From their clothes, to attitude, to looks, “partitioners” make sure everything compliments their physical beauty. Also, there’s an element of French in Partition, how much more sultry could Partition and the “partitioners” be?

giphy partition
7. 7/11
Omd, no. 7 is 7/11!! Queen B continues to be the queen of the turn up as she released the video for 7/11 a few weeks ago! Remember how we said there’s nothing better than pretending to be in the Yonce video? Well, something just as good is: turning up to 7/11! The song is for the “turnt hearted” (I believe no one has coined that expression yet)! And it’s so turnt that the lyrics have to be typed in capital, “WA’E YOUR HANDS SIDE TO SIDE, PUT IT IN THE AIR!”

giphy 711
Who says alcohol is the only thing that can get someone intoxicated? (Don’t answer that) Well, the Drunk in Love ones are those who just love to have fun with the bae! And plus, it’s a really catchy tune to sing along to, “We be all night!!”

giphy drunk in love
9. XO
XO just gets to you! It’s perfect! The music video and lyrics just put you in a serene and love filled place. You almost literally feel yourself pouring out bucket loads of love (heck, I feel myself pouring out love as I type about XO now)! XO is for those that love to love! Love family, friends and Beyoncé of course. So keep calm and love like XO.

giphy xo
Superpower is the song for the power couples. It’s a song for those that know how powerful they are with their significant other. It’s chilled and cool vibe accompanied with Frank Ocean’s voice (*fan girl sigh inserted here*), really set a serene vibe and allows listeners to soak in the awesome lyrics.

giphy superpower

These 10 are most definitely not the only songs on Beyoncé but hey, it’s 10 out of 19. What does your favourite song off ‘Beyoncé’ say about you? Any other artists that you’d like us to analyse what their songs say about you? Comment below.

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