Things We Should Leave In 2014

Around this time, most of us are more excited/anxious about the New Year than  about Christmas, the ending of Millennium Development Goals, the new Beyonce song or maybe another article by This excitement stems from the curiosity about the New Year, what it will bring to for us and what our New Year resolutions will be. But there are certain things that should be left in 2014. In the ALA context, here’s a list:

1. The “I am sorry for the mass email”

Way too often ALA students (even staffulty) send emails directed to individuals and suddenly the email “accidentally” ends up in everybody’s inbox. What should we really forgive you for? Sharing your affairs with the whole school (even alumni who are still part of the mailing list) or flooding our inboxes? Seriously, this needs to stop. In 2015, try to read your email before sending it and pay attention to who the recipients are. At times (which isn’t everyday), these emails are good for a laugh when we are feeling nosey but really, keep your business to yourself.

2. Not showering after sport 

Flashback to Orientation- Hygiene is VERY important. If you didn’t see much value in orientation week, surely you at least remember this. Tell us, how can you enjoy your meal in a sweat infested dining? We appreciate the fact that you want to keep fit, which is good by the way, but guys  SHOWER after sports. The last time you had a drop of water on your body was at 7:03am as you rushed to avoid being locked in the dorms. A shower after sports can only bring good.

3. ALA Girls and your braid struggles

We love and appreciate the fact that you want to embrace the Africa inside of you and putting on those long braids is one way to achieve this, but IT NEEDS TO COME TO AN END. In the spirit of dispelling stereotypes about Africa, your braids are a starting point. You all look identical. Its confusing at times. It’s good to be curious and explore other ways to unleash your African beauty. Try something new. Abeg, 2015 let’s move to another hairstyle. Diversity is one of values, be diverse with your hairstyle.

4. Saturday Evening Quad Walks Must End

We know you guys are going out or you are about to go out or you want to go out or maybe you just want to take a walk but Saturday of all days? Its depressing to be watching from your window and all you see is seven (yes seven!) couples taking turns around the quad. You want to know why you guys are not progressing? Your conversations are circular, and they are not getting to an end. Saturday 8:35 pm is not the best time to be with the bae! Next year, take a walk at 4:30pm near the tennis court and talk. Conversations that happen in the dark never last.

5. Thank You Lil Kesh for your Shoki song but its time has passed.
We moved from Azonto to Kukere, from Kukere to Khona and now Shoki. This is a beautiful song but playing it at EVERY single party isn’t the way to go about it. This a call to all ALA students to bring their turn up music and bring an end to Shoki.

Now, take a deep breathe, close your eyes and observe a moment of silence for all the thing we should leave in 2014.

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