It’s break time!

The heavens break out in song. The term has come to end. It has been a fun, stressful, emotional three months, but as of today, it’s all over.

To end the term, the academy held it’s second annual Do Something Cool (DSC) event. Two days were spent coming up and working with amazing, creative ideas and projects and this year, students and staffulty pushed themselves even further. We had staffulty rappers, and student singers, and toilets made practically from scratch (don’t ask.) It was a fun event that gave students the chance to explore new skills and interests and just take a break after all the essay writing and problem solving.

check out the facebook page here!

DSC was fun, and a good way to wind into non-academic mode (at least a little) Now, we close for the December break, hopefully to return fresh ready for 2015. Be sure to rest, guys. Yes there are college deadlines and whatnot, but take at least a week to just chill!

ALAians Media wishes you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Fantastic New Year.

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