The day(s) the internet stood still

Hey there ALA student. If you are reading this it means you were able to get to our website. Congratulations! You have persevered against the great struggle of January 2015. You know what I’m talking about. Just think about it. The spinning circle, the error messages and the tears. Yes, I am indeed talking about the speed (or lack thereof) of the Wi-Fi for the past two weeks

Forget anything you ever complained about before concerning the Wi-Fi. It went off at 12? Big deal. It blocked ‘jokes.’ Silly, but we could deal. At least we could type in website and expect to get there. For a while, there seemed to be a 50/50 chance.

Now, we know the IT department probably wasn’t scheming against us. It seems to have gotten a lot better . And until everything is completely fixed , we just have to stiffen our upper lips and deal. At least when  all is well and a link loads the first time round, we can shed tears of gratitude.



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