WhatsApp: Friend or Foe?

Well hey there peeps, how’s it hangin’? So as you may or may not have noticed, second years just finished doing the screen generation challenge! The year 2 Writing and Rhetoric class is focusing on the ideas that surround the screen generation and in addition, second years stay away from all their gadgets and gizmos to get in the flow.

So, in line with that, here’s an article that shows why an over-thinker thinks WhatsApp is the enemy.

*P.S. if you are an over-thinker and you’re in a relationship, don’t read any further for your own sanity*

1. “Last Seen”s:
We’ve all experienced those “last seen today at 20:06” and wondered why your 14:53 DELIVERED (it’s in caps for emphasis) messages haven’t been read or replied. Like, what’s up with that? A little explanation would be appreciated

2. Turning Off Your “Last Seen” feature doesn’t change a thing:
In an attempt to deal with all the “last seen”s about a minute ago (schmoney or nah?), a solution is to go to the settings button, click on privacy and choose to hide your last seen so you don’t see anyone else’s. Does this help? For a day or two, yeah. But afterwards, the cookie crumbles like this: your messages still don’t get responses, you can’t even tell when last the receiver was online, and even worse, as an over-thinker your over-thinking is not satisfied because there are no pieces to put together. So what do you do? You turn it back on. Don’t even get me started on people whose “last seen”s are hidden, like for real.

turn off last seen3. Those Blue Ticks:
So last year, those blue ticks were introduced and they basically mean that your message has been read. Want to know what’s more devastating than the two things listed above? The bane of a WhatsApp using over-thinker? It’s having no reply to your messages when you see those blue ticks. So basically, you know it’s been read and you’ve been chilling for hours waiting and wondering, “Why hasn’t he/she replied? Like they’ve seen it, they were like online two minutes ago?” Whoever said the devil was red might have been mistaken, because the one I know is blue and there happens to be two of them.

blue ticksAnd that’s when the breakdown questions come in, “he doesn’t love me anymore?” “She’s cheating on me with that guy” “they’re avoiding me.”

So, to all the over-thinkers, ever wonder why you get headaches from WhatsApping? There you have it (your screen might also be way too bright and too close to your eyes, so maybe tone that down a bit). Take a break from your phone, don’t give WhatsApp an overly important place in your life, keep calm and relax.

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