Must Have Wardrobe Essentials for 2015

Hey Hey! What’s good? Having a good new year so far? We here at ALAians Media hope so! Speaking of the New Year, we’ve noticed a couple fashion trends in just this first month that might just become wardrobe essentials for the year.

Here they are:
1. Kaftans/ Jalabiyas
Yhuup, it’s number one on our list! From Simone, to Mareme, to OG, these few amongst others, are the ALAians that are bringing back the loose-fitted, free and gone with the wind garments. They feel amazing and are perfect for the lounging weekends. So get yourself one of these, whether in African print or neutral colours!


2. Oversized Print/ Captioned Sweatshirts
Remember when skinny was the new thing? Well, it’s time for the oversized and baggy. Oversized print/caption sweatshirts have this retro yet cool vibe to them. The darker coloured ones are a perfect match for light blue jeans, while the lighter ones look great on black jeans/ a pair of tan chinos. Sarah is the queen of sweatshirts so be sure to seek her sweatshirt blessings.

sweatshirtsweatshirt two

3. Skater-fit Tees!
The skater-fit t-shirts! They are the tees with the long trunk bits and they rule! Let’s admit it, skating is cool, and if you can’t do it, you might as well look like a skater. How? Find yourself the perfect skater-fit t-shirts, the perfect ripped blue jeans and a pair of vans/ Chuck Taylor all-stars! (p.s. buy your actual size when it comes to skater-fit tees, those ones fit best). Wanna learn how to rock skater-fit tees? Take a look at Amin and Osadee.
skater tee

4. Slightly Ripped Jeans
Yeah, ripped jeans have been in for a while, but hey, emphasis on the word “slightly.” It’s sad when jeans are over ripped and all you can look at are the rips on rips on rips. A rip or two on each leg would suffice. Baba’s got a really good pair of ripped jeans, so take note of how he pulls it off.

ripped jeans

5. Print Jumpsuits
Wanna know what to wear when the sun comes out to play girls? Print jumpsuits! Nothing screams fun in the sun as loud as print jumpsuits! Floral prints, leopard prints, you name it! A print jumpsuit can never go wrong once paired with fashionable sandals, a couple of bracelets and a casual ponytail. Mudi and Vignesha have been seen spotting the trend on campus!

jumpsuit twojumpsuit

So there you have it folks, 2015 clothing trends. Now you know what should be in your wardrobes for this year #NewYearNewClothes.

On a nostalgic note, where did our beloved Senegalese pants go? Will they have a comeback or not?

Any trends you’ve seen on campus? Any trends for the new year?

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