Getting Out of a Bad Mood

Hey guys! What’s up? How has the first month back at school been going? For some of us, the Christmas and New Year cheer is wearing off, and we might be starting to feel very annoyed and angry at everything. These bad moods can make it almost impossible to function at times. And they just generally feel bad. Sometimes we all need help getting out of a (not uptown) funk. Here are a few tips on how to bring the sunshine back in your life.

  1. Work on a hobby/skill: The buzz you can get from doing something you enjoy can really boost your mood, especially if you don’t usually make time for it. Added bonus if you get to challenge yourself and see improvements.
  1. Get enough sleep: Yes, we know this is hammered into your brain everywhere you go, but nothing has the power to turn a Monday into a Mournday like having to battle your own eyelids in class. So, find how much sleep keeps you going and make sure to get that much.
  1. Listen to uplifting music: When you’re sad, just wa’ your hands up in the air” or something.
  1. Treat Yourself: Have you been dreaming about Chinese food for a few weeks. Order some at some point. A change from the usual will do you wonders. Or, if food somehow doesn’t excite you, buy anything new that does excite you!
  1. Make a list of the good things: Whenever the world seems to be falling, stop and remember the things in your life that are still standing. It can really make the big deals seem less big.
  1. Help someone else: This last one is one we forget a lot, but doing things for others, and knowing we made a difference feels really good. Take your mind of your own problems by seeing someone through theirs. You’ll feel stronger and readier to handle yours!


We hope you’re all doing great, and are happy. But just in case, we hope this list can help!.

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