Help, I’m Not Getting Enough Sleep!

This week, my roommate complained to me about not sleeping as much as he used to in the first term. He gets very tired often and by the end of the school day, he simply jumps into bed. You would advise me not to blame him because the ALA workload is high, blah blah blah. But, the truth is, though the workload is high, we need to learn how to preserve our energy to get enough sleep, to maintain our energy levels and work well. I have three tips for you.

  1. Have a schedule

Despite all the lessons we have had on time and energy management, a lot of people -like my roommate and I- still take chances with their schedules by not planning ahead and properly. This affects us badly because we end up having to catch up with assignments and projects in the last minute which in turn leads to shorter nights for us. My advice is for you to plan your time out better than you used to do in the past by pre-scheduling as many things as possible.

  1. Sleep for a specific number of hours continuously

In my time at ALA, I have discovered that though time is scarce when compared with our workloads, it is still possible to have a regular sleeping pattern. Depending on the hours your body requires daily, you can allocate specific hours in your day for sleeping. Say, if you only need 5 hours of sleep, you can choose to sleep between 12 am and 5 am, every day. Consistency with your sleeping time will help you and your body build habits that keep you well rested.

Happy Snoozing!

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