Katy Perry, the New Queen of the Super Bowl Half-time Show?

The Super Bowl might not be the first big sporting event we think of here in ALA compared to AFCON, the World Cup and Premier/ Champion Leagues, but hey, if there’s one thing the Super Bowl has that the rest don’t, it’s the Half-time Show! This year’s Super Bowl was held on the 1st of February 2015 along with its half-time show. The Super Bowl’s Half-time Show features a few big stars that hold miniature, amazing concert-like performances midway through the game.

We’ve seen the likes of Bruno Mars, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Queen Bey, and this year it was none other than The Katy Kat herself, Katy Perry!
Her performance was so amazing that we can only wonder, is she the best we’ve seen yet?

*confession time* I was a Katy kat before I got initiated into the Beygency. I’m still a Katy kat though.

So how was Katy’s performance? AMAZING
From riding in on a huge cybernetic looking lion, singing Roar and dressed in a flame inspired piece, to performing Dark Horse with many dancers and the loads of visuals on the floor and screens!

katy perry lionkaty dark horse

Think it stopped there? Well it didn’t as she welcomed Lenny Kravitz who sang Katy’s first hit I Kissed a Girl! It was an awesome blast to the past and now I can’t get enough of the colourful pop star’s first hit! Ever feel like having a Katy throwback? You can never go wrong with I Kissed a Girl.

katy lenny kravitzkaty-perry-lenny-kravitz

Soon after, with a quick (like, really quick) change of outfits, Katy performed Teenage Dream (the best Katy Perry song ever!) and California Gurls, before changing again and welcoming Missy Elliott on the stage!

katy california gurlskaty teenage dream
Missy performed Get Ur Freak On, Work It and Lose Control with Perry and it was great!

katy missy elliottkaty missy

Finally, Katy closed the show with Fireworks while flying on a shooting star in yet another outfit! Thought no one could do that? Well Katy did, and it was awesome!

katy fireworkskaty fireworks 2

With not a single boring moment in sight, great visual tech, huge (shooting star, dancing sharks, cybernetic lion) props, great stage presence and an amazing choice of songs, Katy Perry definitely hit the bar and went beyond despite the names before her!

Check out her performance here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAtKlixxnTg

And tell us, what did you think of Katy’s Super Bowl performance? Any songs you wished she performed? (I wish she did This is How We Do) Were her surprise guests more of a surprise than Beyoncé alongside with Kelly and Michelle? Has Katy crowned herself the queen of the Super Bowl Halftime Show? And who would you like to see perform at the next Super Bowl?

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