Rejection Letters Hurt So Much

You spend months researching about colleges you like, you research everything that you need to know about them. You spend sleepless nights working on your college essay and you get feedback that only confuses you more. Yet, you redo your essay, You fill in tons of financial documents that are just too personal and you wonder why these people need to know EVERYTHING about you. You go for long meetings with your college counselor trying to get through the application process in one piece. You end up anti-social because you spend your ‘free time’ trying to get through SATs for the third time, hoping to see some improvement. You do improve, and you feel that you have done everything required of you……and then you get rejected.

An individual sat and went through your application and determined your fate. Made you feel like you are not good enough. Made you feel like that college decision is the only thing that matters after oxygen. Made you feel like getting into that school would be the best achievement. It hurts having all your sweat and blood made void wiyh one email that tells you that you cannot be accepted into that institution. It hurts even worse when that college decision was not just your dream but your parents dream, your neighbours’, friends’ and community’s dream. You were going to be the first among a lot to obtain university admission outside your home country. It hurts because yo feel that you have denied your parents of their bragging rights.

It hurts more than putting salt to an old wound. Just one email can change your life.
Dear Y
Thank you for your application to University of Somewhere. We regret to inform you will not be considered for admission. The application process was very competitive and we encourage you to apply again next year.

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