Wellness Day 2015

A week later and there are still sore muscles on campus…that can only be Wellness Day. Well, the only way to escape this stiffness after-effect is if you actually turn up for sport practise. Let’s take a closer look into how Wellness Day captivated and enlighted this year.

What a way to kickstart October with no classes, owing to Wellness Day that took place on the 1st October 2015 . The day was warmed with fitness activities in the Quad and wrapped up with sports games between students and staffulty. Female staffulty went up against female students at basketball and came away with a 7-4 win following a game-winning three-pointer by Phoebe Miller, our new ALANBA star. The female staffulty were coached by alum and former Basketball captain, Tinotenda Chijaka.

Male students defeated the Fighting Peacocks by five goals to one with goals coming from Elias Yilgarem, Daminiyi Solebo, Dikenna Ogbo and Daryl Adopo while the lone staffulty goal came from former goalkeeper turned striker, Joseph Ekpenyong.

Find more pictures here.

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