ALA’s 1st ever Basketball League set to begin.

The talk of the moment on campus is the ALA Basketball League.

The League organised by the Sports Department begins tomorrow and is the first basketball league to be hosted on the ALA campus.

The League shall hold for two weeks. On the first match day, the round robin will begin and see the 4 male teams and 4 female teams take on one another while the second match day will draw a conclusion to the round robin and conclude with the playoffs.

The girls tournament shall be a 3 on 3 tournament while the male tournament shall be 5 on 5.

The ALA Basketball Cup copies the Residential system by ensuring that there are brother and sister teams. For instance, Back on D and The Mean Machines are affiliated, The Ball Droppers and Cosmic Ballers, The Kofos and The Cereal Killers and lastly, The Palm Wine Tappers and Flying Dutchmen.

ALAians Media is proud to present the posters for each team.

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