1st ever ALA Basketball League launches.

The rains prevented the ALA Basketball League from starting on its intended date of Wednesday 21st October 2015.

The rains led to two of the world’s biggest basketball tournaments beginning on the same day. The ALA Basketball League begun today while the NBA Regular Season also begins today.

In the ALA Basketball League Female Division, The Ball Droppers came out tops and as such shall get the first seed for the Playoffs and go against fourth seeded, The Kofos. Second placed, Back on D shall go against The Palm Wine Tappers.

In the Male Division, a three way tie has emerged between The Cereal Killers, Mean Machines and the Flying Dutchmen. The tie was broken using points differential and as such the Cereal Killers came out first and shall go against last seeded Cosmic Ballers. Second placed, Mean Machines shall be looking to get their revenge on the Flying Dutchmen who defeated them despite the absence of a member of their big three, Segun Olagunju known to some as Mr. O.

Monday 2nd November 2015, we shall discover who the champions of ALA really are. Vote for who you think will win here.

ALA Basketball Cup Results

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