What’s an ALA Halloween?

There’s normal Halloween and then there’s Tamasha House of Entertainment’s Halloween.

Tamasha’s Halloween probably trumps the regular halloween.

This year for Halloween, Tamasha hosted a haunted house which then ended with the most lit party ever. The fact that Mrs. Kuyinu showed her face at the party is probably proof that it was more lit than the night show with Travis.

The Haunted House started at 6:45 and consisted of a graveyard, a performance by Vogue, a female dance group and to be very honest a couple of other things that can’t be explained because of how spooky they were.

Shout out to Tamasha for organising an exciting Halloween. It must really suck to be you because you missed the sensational event that was Halloween at ALA.

Check out pictures from the event on our Facebook page.

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