Champions emerge from ALA Basketball Cup.

The ALA Basketball Cup began last week with the round robin. Following the round robin games, The Ball Droppers and Cereal Killers came out in first position in the female and male divisions respectively and as such majority of the predictions backed them to win the Playoffs as well.

In the female semi final games, The Ball Droppers defeated The Kofos while the Palm Wine Tappers succumbed at the hands of Back on D. On the male side, The Cereal Killers defeated Cosmic Ballers while Mean Machines got their revenge and defeated the Flying Dutchmen.

The female finals were a rematch. During the round robin, The Ball Droppers and Back on D were tied in the final game and The Ball Droppers won via a coin toss and as such emerged from the Female Division first. Back on D came out vengeful and did not have any mercy on The Ball Droppers. The game ended 16-2.

The Mean Machines defeated The Cereal Killers in their round robin game and repeated the deed in the finals. With 3 minutes to go, The Mean Machines were down a point and The Cereal Killers defence looked impenetrable. That was until a Cereal Killers player threw the ball to Tomi Idowu right under his team’s basket. The Centre made no mistakes and soon after Omar Jah, 6th man of the Mean Machines drained the game winning shot despite intense pressure from the Cereal Killers.

As such, Mean Machines and Back on D, affiliate teams, both emerged Champions of ALA’s 1st ever Internal Basketball League.

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