A new government emerges. 

ALA is all about leadership, even the name says it, African LEADERSHIP Academy.

The Student Government is as serious as leadership gets. The masses at ALA practice what most of our countries fail to do and hold its candidates to their word.

On Friday 30th October, the Chair’s Debate held and all candidates gave their speeches and tried to convince the student community that they deserved each vote.

For the position of Chairlady, Arlene Alaíze from Cape Verde and Abii-Tah Chungong from Cameroon went against one another in the debate and Abii-Tah in all honesty sounded the more convincing candidate.

Vieing for the position of Chairman, we had, Vuyisa Coko from South Africa, Tito Darl-Uzu from Nigeria and Moustafa Lufty from Egypt.

Voting held on Sunday 1st November and a new government has emerged.

  • Chairman- Moustafa Lufty
  • Chairlady- Abii-Tah Chungong
  • Data Analyst- Jialing Yu
  • Academic Representative- Sizo Ncube
  • Secretary- Marubini Muswede
  • IT Representative- Princewill Okoroafor
  • Sports Representative- Tomi Idowu
  • Clubs & Societies Representative- Ore Onabanjo
  •  Entertainment Representative – Daminiyi Solebo
  • Treasurer- Ife Adefope
  • Volta House Captains- Hind Zahour & Kukhanya Magubane
  • Tana House Captains- Ndondwa Mijoya & Haissa Toure
  • Zambezi House Captains- Hope Iptisam & Joseph M’po Yeti
  • Niger House Captains- Amy Wanday & Tomisin Fasawe
  • Nile House Captains- Sefa February & Haitham Abdel Hakim
  • Congo House Captains- Estela Naula & Yassine Khalfalli

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