Ms. Sizakele Marutlulle – Founder, MOONCHILD (the nexus of strategic thought)

Living up to the Ghandi dictum of “being the change you want to see in the world” – Ms. Sizakele founded MOONCHILD, a cross-cultural brand consultancy,  to be the vehicle that challenges and changes the landscape on multicultural communications. Through MOONCHILD, she delivers cross-cultural brand solutions that resonate in popular culture and go beyond advertising.

When Siza is not solving brand problems, She speak, by invitation, at business conferences, industry seminars and institutions of higher learning on the subjects of brand communication, brand discipline, cross-cultural communication and transformational leadership.

On the 4th of November 2015 , Sizakele visited the ALA Academy to give a brief presentation during the Distinguished Guest Speaker Series. She spoke about her life and career lessons and summarised them all in three letters: A(Authenticity), B(Being), and C(Courage).

Below are some nuggets from her inspiring talk:

  1. We as humans learn things in threes, so remember the ABC’s; Authenticity, Being, Courage
  2. A tulip does not spend time wishing it were a rose. Be yourself, and be true to your many selves
  3. When you throw a pebble in the water, impact is when it hits the water, influence is the ripple effect made. We should all aim to be influential, not just impactful
  4. Nothing matters more than keeping the promises you made to yourself
  5. We are human beings and so we should focus more on just being, rather doing. If we were made to just do, perhaps we would have been called human doings
  6. Do not be impatient. Speed kills, not just on roads
  7. There is enough success at the top for all of us, so when you get to the top, leave the ladder for those at the bottom to use
  8. When people turn you down, don’t burn down their houses, just excel because excellence is the best revenge
  9. Childishness and leadership don’t live in the same corner
  10. Prejudice is none of your business, because it is a function of ignorance
  11. Courage is self-permission, allowing yourself to take risks and to live with the consequences
  12. You do not need an office or a desk to bring change, you just need passion and a voice

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