ALA Football Cup kicks off.

As the year rounds up, the sports department looks to end with a bang.

The second intramural sports tournament this year began on Monday 30th November 2015. The ALA Football Cup shall involve at least 90 participants across the community.

In the first intramural competition, the ALA Basketball Cup, affiliate teams, Back on D and Mean Machines came out top following the Playoffs.

The Male Division of the ALA Football Cup shall have 6 teams who shall be captained by six second years while the Female Division shall have 4 teams.

All the teams are given names which have some relationship to ALA. For instance, FC 720 alludes to the recently abolished 7:20 rule while Midnight Alarm speaks about the prominence of Fire Alarms this year.

Day 1 of the League went smoothly however, Day 2 only saw one match because of weather disturbances. Following the first two days, Canvas City and Laser Park Rangers sat at the top of the table with 4 points following 2 games while FC Konka followed with 3 points and Roundcube United and Lockdown Union had one point each. Printech Pirates sat at the bottom with no points. Printech Pirates and Roundcube United however, had one game in hand.

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